Width: 80cm
Height: 70cm

Colour Range: Brimstone & Black

Material: High Grade Steel Wire, Polymer, Resin, Acrylic Lacquer

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Handcrafted in Hamburg, Germany

Sansuna44 is a hand-crafted hanging mobile with an impressive width of 80 centimetres. The design and manufacturing process takes place exclusively in Hamburg, Germany. The labor intensive tactile finish is reminiscent of vintage paintwork with a playful three-dimensional surface-structure. The Process includes a layer of undercoating before the two layers of varnish are applied. „Brimstone Yellow“ first and „Black“ applied on top. Afterwards the mobile is carefully polished by hand to give it a distinctive vintage look and lustre.

Due to the hand-application of the different techniques, no two sculptures will look exactly alike.

The Sansuna hanging mobiles are available in three color ways to suit a wide range of interior styles. Sansuna44 can also be customised to individual customer requirements. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have a customisation in mind.


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